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Answering the call to provide authentic PPE at the low prices.
We started with one company, then pivot, then pivot again.


One liner: Open marketplace and network for trusted suppliers and qualified buyers of PPE.  (B2B)
History: Started during Techstars Weekend in April of 2020.  Finalist for the pitch competition.
Work completed: Website build and lead generation of over 2000 suppliers or buyers
Status: Active. Currently connecting PPE buyers and sellers on the platform

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One liner: Group buy deal for small orders on authentic PPE direct from China – Groupon for PPE. (B2C)
History: Started after PPE Connector due to demand from consumers who wanted to buy small volume PPE at the same discounted pricing
Work completed: Set up drop shipping network with trusted seller in China. Shopify website with automation. SEO and lead generation funnel. Cash flow positive in the first month.
Status: Active.  Currently assisting in importing of PPE for consumers.


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One liner: First world-wide database for official PPE certificates and alerts – “Carfax” for PPE.
History: Using AI and data science, automate world wide database and determine pricing guidelines.
Work completed: Scrape world-wide database. Finish website. Marketing strategy.
Status: Active.  Currently providing crucial PPE data.

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